2013 - Curr
My research focuses on navigation using the skyline, and how different representations of this simple global feature can enhance localisation. In particular I am investigating ways to achieve pose invariance and improved dataset scalability. This year I am also taking courses in advanced computer vision and am tutoring an undergraduate robotics course, where students build football playing robots using Lego and Arduinos.
2012 - 2013

Courses covered neuroscience, information theory and reinforcement learning (average: 76%). My thesis comprised of a bio-inspired solution using UV light to quickly and robustly segment ground and sky for robotic navigation. The extracted skyline was used to successfully navigate an urban route with performance comparable to state of the art. Results were published at RSS 2014.

Course average 75.9% [+][-]
Dissertation 70%

2010 - 2011

Courses included machine learning and probabilistic reasoning (average 80%). For my thesis I built a Python web implementation of a classic card game, where players have the option to lie. Machine learning was used to estimate the credibility of other players, with significantly greater accuracy than human players.

Course average 80.0% [+][-]
Dissertation 75.0%

2006 - 2010

For my final year project I wrote a Java program to search for anomalies indicating breast cancer by detecting linear structures in mammographic X-ray images using agent swarm intelligence.

First year average 88.2% [+][-]
Second year average 85.1% [+][-]
Sandwich Year 84.0%
Third year average 79.4% [+][-]
Dissertation 79.0%

2011 - Curr
Online Courses

10 courses completed [+][-]

Grants, awards and prizes


A grant worth £15,000 for my collaborators and me to investigate business opportunities for the UV sensor developed during my MSc by Research program.


Tesla K20 GPU (worth $3200.00) donated to support promising research.


Awarded to the highest performing student in the degree scheme.


Awarded every year to the highest achieving individual in over 200 first year computer science students.

Articles and publications

Skyline-based Localisation for Aggressively Manoeuvring Robots using UV sensors and Spherical Harmonics,

Making use of invariant properties of skylines for robust navigation on bumpy terrain. Accepted for publication at IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2016.

Szigeti, B., Stone, T., Webb, B.
Stone, T., Mangan, M., Ardin, P. & Webb, B.

A summary of findings from my MRes dissertation, covering development and testing of a novel bio-inspired sensor that was successfully used for low cost navigation. Published at the Robotics Science and Systems conference 2014.

Career history

Software Engineering Intern (PhD),

Working with the Google Street View team in Mountain View, California.


Tutored an undergraduate course where students built a football-playing robot from Lego.

2008 - 2009
  • Acquired an array of technical skills in both Sun and third party technology.
  • Introduced me to various social aspects of being part of a professional IT company, including teamwork.
  • Designed and developed a system that allowed engineers to access logical domains through a webpage rather than booking physical systems, causing improved access, reliability and power savings.
2005 - 2006
Customer service assistant,

Prolific customer service involved, which greatly improved my communication and people skills.

Work experience


Worked at Atos Origin for two weeks as part of my college course. Jobs included programming using VB and SQL database management.


  • Experience in a wide range of programming languages. [+][-]
  • Familiar with Windows, OSX, Linux and other UNIX operating systems. [+][-]
  • Knowledge of relational databases. [+][-]
  • Networking and computer communications skills. [+][-]
  • Proficient at designing and building machine learning solutions in Python, Matlab and Weka.
  • Touch type to 50 words per minute.
  • Fluent in English and Dutch; basic German and Spanish.
  • Full clean UK car and motorcycle driving license.
  • HSE First Aid qualified.

Hobbies and interests

I am a keen programmer and have participated in a number of software projects in my spare time, including as project leader on a Python based website for creating structured arguments on the internet (Think Wikipedia for opinions and beliefs), which was featured at a 3 Day Startup event.

My interests include reading books and articles related to the mind. I enjoy music and am currently learning to play the piano. At the age of ten I began playing the trumpet, subsequently touring internationally with the county wind orchestra. Living in the Netherlands and Mexico has made me fond of travelling. I like to spend time abroad mountaineering and rock climbing and recently travelled to France to scale a 1 km tall vertical face. I also play chess, run and train martial arts.